HiSense shows its first mobile with an electronic color ink screen

HiSense is perhaps best known for its television business, although in the field of mobile phones it has earned a reputation for being the only one that continues to bet on electronic ink technology in its latest releases. Learn more about new devices at globalluxuryimportsllc.com 

Sometimes this electronic ink arrives at the back of the mobile to YotaPhone (may it rest in peace ) and other times as the main screen but in all cases, it was a monochrome screen. It will not be that way for a long time, as the company has already shown a terminal with an electronic color ink display and it will go on sale in mid-2020.

Half mobile and half color electronic book

Do not expect a color intensity at the height of a traditional mobile screen, although at least there will be some color in the innovative electronic ink screen. It will be included in a new brand terminal whose specific name is unknown, but that should be put up for sale in mid-2020.

HiSense has not revealed many details of the technology behind, although a few months ago Wacom and E Ink Corp advanced new technology of electronic color paper capable of representing “thousands of shades of color.” HiSense is a bit more specific about it, noting that its screen can represent 4,096 colors.

In the photos that the company has shared in Weibo, you can see the screen in action and several of the colors. More muted than on an LCD screen, of course, but less drab than classic black and white electronic ink displays.

All this comes with the same sight-friendly reading experience and that has the advantage that it is also a thinner and lighter technology and with better optical quality, as the company has shared.